Whether it be an Ice bank or Chilled water system, We have the knowledge and proven track record to provide the correct solution for your farm.

We provide a few options when it comes to Pre cooling, Ice banks being the most popular due to their high efficiency and instant snap chilling qualities.

We can provide a custom made solution, based on your budget and requirements.


We have relationships with leading Ice bank manufacturers like Powerchill, who manufacture Ice banks right here in NZ. These Ice banks are renowned for their simple, effective and reliable operation.


Manufactured in Belgium and used for over 50 years throughout Europe, Packo have an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability.

The Packo ice banks utilise a thermal mass of ice which is slowly melted during milking. Why use 7 degree chilled water when you can have < 1 degree ice water running through your plate cooler.

As well as being highly effective, the Packo range of ice banks are extremely energy efficient.