Farm Refrigeration

#SYSTEM DATA LOGGING, GRAPHING AND MONITORING AVAILABLE- We can provide you with the necessary advice you need based on your current situation.

With Milk cooling regulations having tightened severely, Now is the time to be acting and getting your pre cooling sorted before next year's on site temperature monitoring starts. We are here to provide the necessary information and expertise to provide the most cost effective and energy efficient solutions available.
We have the ability to Data log your current system and provide expert advice on what you need to do, Don't leave it until the last minute!

Whether it be an Ice bank, Water chiller, Glycol system or Vat refrigeration upgrade, We have the experience to provide the correct solution for you.

Come and talk to the farm refrigeration experts, We specialise in farm refrigeration and pre cooling solutions and supply, install and service equipment throughout Northland.

During the past 50 years we have seen many things change through out the dairy industry, ice banks, water chilling and hot water recovery systems are now becoming the norm and energy efficiency is an important element when considering an upgrade of  your refrigeration. We can provide heat recovery systems to pre-heat hot water cylinder water to approximately 50 degrees and can potentially save a significant amount of money on electricity costs.

We are more than happy to come and have a chat about your system, Whether it be pre-cooling with an ice bank, Installing a Chilled water system, upgrading your current vat unit, or simply looking for advice on service or maintenance of your system.

Our team of fully qualified engineers provide a 24/7 call out service meaning there is always someone available should you need us.